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Professional Liability

HBI Professional Liability Services

Proper and adequate Malpractice Insurance coverage is essential to your career. It only takes one claim to permanently tarnish your reputation. Ensure your ability to practice is never in jeopardy by having coverage when it matters most.

Benefits of Having a Policy with Us


Claim Defense

We take every claim seriously. You will be protected by our expert claims team that wins 90% of all physician malpractice trials.
Occurrence, Claims-Made and Convertible Claims-Made Coverage

You have access to the industry’s widest array of coverage options, including occurrence, claims-made, and convertible claims-made.

Pure Consent to Settle

We will never settle any case without your consent. It’s your money. Your name on the policy. You should be the one making the decisions.

Free Tail Coverage

We provide free tail coverage for physicians at retirement after just one year of insurance.
Free Cyber Liability Coverage

We continue to develop options that address emerging issues such as cyber liability ($50,000 already included in your coverage) and optional billing errors and omissions coverage.

Understanding Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice Insurance can be confusing. Below are some resources that will help clarify your basic questions that address key topics related to Emergency Physician Malpractice Insurance.

Glossary of Malpractice Insurance Terms
Understanding Malpractice Insurance
About Malpractice Insurance for the Emergency Medicine Specialty

Protection You Deserve from a Name you Can Trust

Medical Protective, MedPro Group, is Warren Buffett/Berkshire Hathaway’s dedicated healthcare liability solution, and the nation’s highest-rated medical malpractice carrier according to A.M. Best. We have been providing unmatched strength, winning defense, and superior solutions to physicians since 1899, three times longer than our closest competitor.

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